Welcome to Caribbean Partnership Portal

Dear Rotarian,

Please let me take this opportunity to welcome you to our new Caribbean Partnership website. If you are a past user you will find some differences:

Our logo has changed!

The new logo (we believe) better identifies with the name that it represents per the description of the elements below:

  1. The Sun is a well-recognized “Caribbean” symbol which is also a strong common theme in the South-Eastern United States, as well as being internationally associated with vibrant, energetic endeavors. It also includes a nautical wheel which is so symbolic of maritime activities in the Caribbean.
  2. Our Sun of Friendship is made of interlaced hands. It highlights the “Partnership” as¬pect of the name and organizational goals, but also emphasizes the capacity of the Caribbean Clubs to work actively “hand in hand” with their project partners.
  3. Familiar colors and fonts are adopted from the Rotary Public Image Guidelines.
  4. The symbol shows an evolution of the organization. This new logo is full of energy, but it is also streamlined and polished. We believe that it will appeal to the American design culture as well as to the Eu¬ropean aesthetics. The latter becoming more important as we aspire in the near future, towards becoming an Inter Country Committee (ICC).
  5. This modern look will be a lot more attractive to younger Rotarians, Rotaractors and Friends of Rotary worldwide.

When the new website is totally complete, all the attributes of the old site will be present in the new one, with some additional features which we hope will make partnering and twinning easier, or better facilitate your club’s building relationships through a Friendship or cultural exchange. We are also working on adding a project portal which we are confident will make it easier for you to find a partner club with which to execute a District or Global Grant.

Please send us your thoughts and comments through our feedback link which will allow us to continue to improve our service to you.

Finally, we wish to thank you for your patience as we worked to transform our image,  re-shaped our identity, and re-energised our program, all with a view to offering better value to the clubs and Districts which we serve throughout Zone 33 and 34.

Yours In Rotary Service
PDG Vance Lewis

 Vance Lewis